Monday, September 10, 2007

The Black Eyed Peas in India!

Friday, September 22, 2006

smylee's journey: frm blue cbz to a black apache!!!!!

the smylee who is nowadays preferring to be called by shit which sounds something like 'shree' or 'sri' or anything like tat, has, or at least had sometime back, a fantasy. the fantasy goes something like this:

a moonless night..........long straight road..........with vast moors on eitherside of the one around for miles and miles............ and then comes his dream gal...........the dreamgal, wearing a white chudidar( god knws why white or why chudidar) comes running to our man smylee............smylee, who is leaning across a blue coloured bike with his arms wide open............ our man smylee then catches his dreamgal, mounts on his blue coloured bike and goes for a long long ride wit his gal behind

well tats as far as this fantasy goes. as for the blue bike, the blue bike got substituted by a blue CBZ through the course of time, when hero honda decided to kick start the 150 cc range ........... but it could hold its place only till the arrival of Pulsar DTS-i .............

he did all sorts of things to get hold of a blue pulsar. the ban on bikes in iit didnt help much, but his efforts finally bore fruit, and under the pretext of his btp he at last came across a damaged black pulsar of some junior who was patronized by our smylee for the same. it wasnt blue , but at least it was a bike............... he had huge expectations frm it and the poor bike couldnt sustain smylee and all his idiosyncracies, it finally gave out...........the junior finally learnt his lesson and tried to keep himself at least 100 m frm smylee.

as far as the smylee goes, pulsar disappointed him and the blue CBZ regained its throne.........

when it really came to buying the bike smylee wanted the latest trendy bike in the market........ the suzuki hayabusa was a very good option, but smylee didnt want to move very far away from the common man( or maybe he couldnt find a blue shade of hayabusa), so he settled for a honda unicorn ( well i really don knw abt the blue part of the unicorn affair).

very stable at high speeds, fastest bike in India currently( according to him), excellent comfort, the absolute biking experience, as smooth as a watever, very good even for ppl as old as 25-28 and the honda emblem, not to forget the brilliant new stickering tat honda came up wit, succeded in impressing smylee apart from daddy naveen's testimonial................ he almost went to the shop and booked the bike ( he ws supposedly waiting for cash), until....................................

he saw my blue apache.......... ahh!! blue!!! apache!!!!! ummmmmmm.......... well smylee's rock stable mind instantly changed and longed for an apache, he fell in love with the red apache but he didnt like the red streak on the rear shocks and it gets dumped. then someone, a frnd of his, liked a black apache and triggered his imaginations on black apache. smylee went, placed an order and rode home on a black apache 2 days later........aah finally!!!!

btw the reasons he cites for buying a black apache are
- he liked black shade of apache better than any other bike.
- blue doesnt go well with him, whenever he goes on a blue vehicle he meets with an accident
- unicorn is for oldies
- its big
- pulsar is not good at all
- CBZ is still the best bike around, but he wants a new bike
- who goes at speeds greater than 90kmph everyday? not him!!!

well in case ppl want to knw smylee is living happily with his black apache ever after and practicing comfort riding, with ultimate biking experience for the pillion riders having gult for starters , teaching him acrobatics in the process( until he cud find some one from the fairer sex to ride behind him, or maybe he doesnt want anyone else!!!).

Saturday, May 20, 2006


2:00 AM in the night.

I felt thirsty. I started towards the water dispenser. My room no. is 302.

303. Smylee. Light On. Expected
304. Undy. Light Off. Expected
305. !ndra. Lights on. Yahoo Messenger on. Expected.
307. BJ. Lights on. Strange that he is there in the wing.
308. Gult. There.
314. Manas. There in 312.

I had water and was coming back.

314. Manas Ratna Casturi. Still there in 312.
308. V. Praveen Reddy. Still there.
307. Adapa Pavan. Still there.
305. C. Sandeep Reddy. Still there with yahoo.
304. Abhiram Alamuru. Still in the room......

Suddenly I stopped. Turned back. Went to 306.

The fact sunk in with a thud.

The GCP aka Pradeep Pachigolla had left.

I looked sideways in the wing.

The same place where we sometimes farted, the same place where we shared the best moments of the last few years, the same place we bumped smylee in , the same place we celebrated our bithdays, the same place where we.....

Now, a element was missing. The place was incomplete.

The Tangrine Wing saw its first pass out in GCP.

And then I realised in a matter of a month, all of us will be dispersed across India.

The Tangerine was going to end its formal existence as a group.

Yes, we will still be in touch.
Yes. We will still be friends.

But, we wont be Wingimates.

I wont be seeing all these faces everyday.
I am not going to spend nights chatting with any of these faces anymore.

But still, I smile.

I smile 'coz one difficult jouney in our life has come to an end. It was great walking this road with you fellas.

I wish all the luck in this world for you guys.

Its time, we fly high and clench our dreams.

------Shriesh Pabba aka 10GB.

Monday, April 17, 2006


I have tried several times to write something sensible on this blog.

All those several times, i havent succeeded.

Thus, i have decided to write something that doesnt make sense.

i have written enough.

Here's a pic i want to keep with me all my life.....
Now, now...dont let your perverted minds go haywire.

Its just that....

Just see the pic guys!!

A question:
Is the person in the picture Phatela or !ndra?

The correct replies get.......what crap am i writng!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

i blog

on indra's insistance.........i blog.

i had no intention to blog

still........i blogged

this may not qualify to be a blog

but a blog does not have any qualifications

this blog is not relevant to the THE TANGERINE CHRONICLES

but THE TANGERINE CHRONICLES is indeed about all such irrelevant blogs

by all such irrelevant people

just like the great TANGERINE, the result of a misadventure

that was not intended to be

because what is

is never intended to be

and this is a blog

because it was never intended to be

and thats why i blog

because all that matters is

that i blogged

Saturday, April 23, 2005

It takes Tangerine to tango

Tangerine.A fruit.A color.A restaurant.A group of people.

Its all about the group of people. And the connexion -- a wrong phone call.

In this world of make believe, where every entity, every occurence is an illusion-- a maya, The Tangerine 5 shall stay loyal to the divine cause of all existence -- Joy. It is JOY as each one of us sees it,but joy nonetheless. And because JOY is now and seldom tomorrow, we live for the now.

The Tangerine 5 as I see them

Myself,Indra, On the road to spirituality, believer of the divine, unheralded lover of the universe.

Shriesh, Staunch materialist, Almost an antagonist, child of confusion.

Pavan, Blissfully egoistic, lover of the unknown, child of karma.

Smylee, incorrigible believer of God,a naive believer of the shrewd, almost narcissistic.

Pradeep, believer of the "I", confusion in the human form, possessed materialist in search of himself.

P.S. Someone please stop me from getting into sanyasa.

Friday, April 22, 2005

The missing Tangerine

Description of the group:

Now-a-days i have been talking like smylee (the missing element in the Tangerine)
Had he been a part of this tangerine group blog he wud have described it like this :
Image hosted by

.... Sorry if the SIZE of the Tangerines really MATTERED :P